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What’s new at the School of Contemporary Teaching and Learning 


Working with Cornwall firefighters, police and paramedics, the SCTL coordinated a large-scale multimedia project whereby faculty engaged in role-playing scenarios. The scenarios included the use of makeup artists and volunteers to simulate crash sites with community safety partners. Paramedic faculty Karrie Loynachan and Julie Smith worked with Andrea Seepersad, Manager of Multimedia Design, to design the project. 
"The project truly demonstrated the SLC value of teamwork as this project included multiple departments and a collaboration with our community partners in Cornwall,” Andrea said. “Our faculty and community partners were able to build an incredible learning experience using innovative multimedia technology that will contribute to the college's pursuit of academic excellence.” 

To learn more about the multimedia service and ways to enhance digital learning, please contact Andrea Seepersad,

Brockville & Cornwall  
The college recently redesigned two classrooms using Active Learning principles in order to promote more contemporary teaching practices at SLC. The space enables faculty to move away from traditional lectures by designing interactive activities that leverage the open space, multiple whiteboards, and screencast technology used in the new classroom. “We are loving the space,” said Carla Kingston-Floyd, Program Coordinator/Professor Supply Chain Management & Project Management Programs.

“The active learning classroom has allowed us to explore topics more in depth than ever before; we don't just talk about the logistics of loading a container vessel, students actually complete a floor plan in small groups and then as a larger class we discuss the cumulative best design after discussing and reflecting on each teams works.” 

To learn more about the new space, please contact Andre Leger,

Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall 

Seventeen new full-time faculty members participated in the College’s new Contemporary Educator Program (CEP) in August. The program explores contemporary trends in teaching and learning and is designed to support new faculty in honing their craft.  

For Mark Bergin, coordinator of Music and Digital Media, the CEP was an important way to reflect on personal teaching styles. “I felt renewed and refreshed. It truly is valuable to have a time with all the other new faculty and to be encouraged to both examine our own teaching styles and reflect on what we do. The tool for analyzing our own teaching style/philosophy was frighteningly accurate!” 

To learn more about CEP, contact Andre Leger,

Our People: 

SLC Offers New Wellness App to Staff & Faculty 

Bring wellness with you! The new app, Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) offers self-guided learning modules, with tools on interpersonal relationships, stress, relaxation, problem-solving, and mindfulness. TAO also includes fun and educational videos, interactive exercises, a mindfulness library, practice tools, and ways to measure your progress. Through a variety of wellness tools including; logs and journals, responsive feedback, and a messaging system. TAO puts wellness at your fingertips! 

Download TAO today! 

Please follow the steps below to sign-up for TAO: 

  1. Navigate to the TAO Login Page - Here
  2. Enter your name and email address on the enrollment form using your SLC email address. 
  3. Enter the following in the 'Enrollment Key' field when prompted, the enrollment key is case sensitive:  Staff123!   
  4. Fill out the confidential demographics and Informed Consent form and click 'Sign Me Up!' 
  5. Check your SLC email. You will be sent a confirmation link and a temporary password. 
  6. Click on the link to enter and update your password. 
  7. Once you have signed in with your new password, you can also download the mobile app from the App Store for Apple devices or the Google Play store for Android devices. Search for TAO Mobile.  

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Our Programs: 

Experiential learning: #GoToClass  

What better way to learn about the incredible students and faculty at our college than to attend classes? That’s exactly what SLC President and CEO Glenn Vollebregt thought when he initiated his #GoToClass plan in 2013.

Glenn has attended more than 130 classes in labs and lecture halls across SLC’s three campuses in the last few years, and what he experienced has helped shape his perspective about what happens within our walls.

“My favourite days at SLC are when I get to go to class,” Glenn said. “I love the energy and enthusiasm of our amazing students, and the passion of our talented and dedicated faculty.”   

Invite Glenn to your class by contacting Kristen Rajnovich by email at See you in the classroom! 


Our Students:

Cornwall’s Project Management Students Enrich Our Communities 

Community Futures Development Corporation Team  

Our students are working on a project for the Community Futures Development Corporation with Executive Director, Lesley Thompson to increase Cornwall's population. Students will submit their ideas, tasks list, budget and execution plan to help the City of Cornwall attract new citizens. Cornwall's population has been stagnate for about 20 years, and local employers are now having difficulty in filling their employment needs. Population growth is needed to attract more organizations to our area and to improve the city's tax base.  


City of Cornwall Team  

Working with Emma Meldrum, Public Information Coordinator, with the City of Cornwall, students are developing a plan and budget for a community awareness campaign on how residents can reduce Cornwall's overall carbon footprint. Our students will develop a plan to promote awareness and engage the citizens of Cornwall to adapt some new behaviours to make our city greener.  


Community Garden Team  

Professor Allison Taylor is working with students to develop a community garden on campus. The garden will serve some of the needs for the cafeteria as well as provide some space to community members who would like to grow their own produce but live in apartments or areas that don't have garden space.  


Game Development Team  

Professor Majid Moghadan and Program Coordinator/Professor James Depuis are working with students on a new transportation simulator game. Our students will provide the game programming student team with the necessary content to build a fun-fill educational transportation game which the Game Program students will code and develop. Our Project Management students will also organize and host an in-house competition which includes inviting area game employers to experience the talent our students.  


Ottawa Boys & Girls Club Holiday Celebration Team 

Ashley Kingston, Senior Youth Counselor of the Boys and Girls Club in Ottawa is helping students design, develop activities, decorate and execute a holiday party for up to 150 party goers, all on a tight budget. This celebration will target kids from 6 to 16 offering a variety of activities including games, face painting, food, cookie decorating, ornament designs, gifts and more.  


Our Communities: 

Open House is Coming to SLC

Save the Dates: SLC Open House November 16 2019 and April 4 2020