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SLC in Five Strat Plan in Action!

PeopleSoft Upgrade Program, aka, “PUP” a program that will impact and improve our whole college is underway, and this week’s newsletter will provide detail and insight into the why, who, and what of the PUP.

PeopleSoft applications support numerous college functions, and the goal of the PUP is to create a modern, stable, and sustainable platform to support this critical service for our students, faculty and staff. SLC is undertaking this program now as it has been almost 10 years since the last major systems upgrade.

To ensure its success, the PUP has been organized into project teams to promote collaboration, stakeholder engagement, communication and transparency in decision-making, issues resolution, and deliverables approval by the business leads and project sponsors. This formalized approach to organization is important for such a massive project and will ensure timelines and goals are met throughout.

The PUP is supported by three project teams comprised of functional leaders, subject matter experts, IT experts, and PeopleSoft application experts, and each play a key role in the project’s success. Within each project team are three core members who will make critical decisions on how applications are configured to support college business functions.
These core team members are:

The Business Lead: Provides day-to-day leadership to support project goals and objectives, works closely with the SLC Functional Lead and PeopleSoft expert to support the project plan, and helps resolve issues and mitigate risks.

The Functional Lead: Provides subject matter expertise to the PUP project and makes recommendations for approval by the Business Lead in matters of functional and application decisions.

The PeopleSoft Expert: Provides knowledge, experience, and guidance to support the upgrade of the target PeopleSoft applications, as well as provides structure and coordination within the project team.

Our Programs

PeopleSoft Provides Structure for SLC’s Business and Program Requirements

Icon showing structure.Not sure what PeopleSoft is or what it does? It is everything from where you check your paystubs to how SLC pays suppliers. It’s where student records and information are kept, and how each student journey is tracked, from application to acceptance, to program status and graduation. For more detail on the individual projects contributing to PUP, read the sections below.




Our People

PeopleSoft Helps Our People and Teams

Icon showing group of people.The project within PUP that primarily deals with HR and payroll functions is called “HCM” which stands for “Human Capital Management.” This project addresses the need to bring PeopleSoft HCM up to current versions to ensure ongoing technical support is available and to reduce the number of workarounds, eliminate paper forms and manual processes, letting people work efficiently and with full confidence in the system.

The core team members for the HCM project are:
Business Lead - Andrée LeBlancq, Director Human Resources
Functional Leads - Justin Rimmer, HCM Lead and Susan Garswood, Human Resources Manager
PeopleSoft Expert - Kevin Koesters, PEAK Functional Lead and Project Manager
Project Sponsor - Chris Garnett, VP Human Resources & Organizational Development

Parts of the HCM project have been completed, like technical upgrades to support changes to year-end tax processes and others are coming up shortly, like improvements to employee and payroll administration. Future issues of the newsletter will expand on each individual project in more detail.

Our Students

PeopleSoft Helps SLC Perform Key Student and Administrative Tasks

Icon showing book and lightbulb.When you consider that PeopleSoft Campus Solutions provides the structure and system to organize each stage of every student’s journey at SLC, you can see why this is an important part of the PUP. This project will ensure students and their information are efficiently and effectively managed while at SLC.

The core team members for the Campus Solutions project are:
Business Lead – Laura Naumann, Registrar
Functional Lead – Charlene Mastin, PeopleSoft Functional Analyst
PeopleSoft Expert – Elizabeth Stone, PEAK Functional Lead and Project Manager
Project Sponsor: Kathy O’Brien, Senior VP, Strategy, Communications & Advancement

The Campus Solutions project of PUP deals with parts of PeopleSoft that work in the background but are key to supporting the journey each student takes at SLC. The planned upgrade will improve the support of key functions in student and academic administration. Watch for updates on this project in a newsletter later this month.

Our Communities

Helping SLC Processes and Performance by Improving PeopleSoft

Icon showing a hand holding money.Multiple processes in the Finance department will be significantly improved by PUP, and those improvements will benefit our internal community as well was our external vendors, suppliers, and partners.

The core team members for the Finance Upgrade project are:
Business Lead and Project Sponsor– Erin Farrell, Director of Finance
Functional Lead – Wendy Plant, Manager of Finance
PeopleSoft Expert – Raj Sadaranganey, PEAK Functional Lead and Project Manager

The PUP Finance Upgrade project will provide a technical upgrade to fix issues that will improve efficiency and effectiveness of overall Finance processes.

Important Dates

May 18: Victoria Day (No classes)

May 26: College Conversations

May 29: College Achievement Award Nominations Due

June 1: President Award Nominations Due

June 1: Valedictorian Nominations Due

July 31: Spring semester end date for most programs

August 10: Grades due - last day to post Spring 2020 grades into SIS

August 24: First day - new full-time faculty

August 31: First day - returning full-time faculty/program coordinators

September 8: Orientation Day

September 9: First day of classes, Fall semester begins