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Switchboard Returns!

Green speech bubble with a phone icon insideWe wanted to confirm for SLC staff and faculty that switchboard is operating and transferring calls again, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. daily. A big thank you goes to IT for ensuring the system was loaded on laptops, and to switchboard for their help on projects and research while details of the transition were taken care of. In addition to helping direct students, parents, and general callers, switchboard can help staff and faculty connect with the person or team they’re seeking. They are the helpful voice you hear when you pick “0” after calling in to campus.



Our People

Brockville Instructor Printing Face Shields to Support Health Care Workers

Man wearing a medical face shield After finding an online resource encouraging the community to print face shields for front line workers, Deanna Cormier, who teaches in SLC’s Music Theatre Performance program, and her husband Greg, started using their own 3D printer to help.

Members of the Ottawa community have volunteered their time and supplies such as button hole elastic to support with the production. Other volunteers are collecting supplies, cutting materials, and laminating plastic sleeves.

“Producing one shield can take a number of hours with printing the visor taking 2 hours,” said Deanna. “The more people that are printing, the faster we can provide shields. It has been incredible heart-warming to see a community of strangers come together to help during this pandemic.”

So far 200 face shields have been donated to the Ottawa Inner City Health with another 100 hopefully produced. Anyone with a 3D printer can join Slack to find the information on how to print the face shields.

Our Programs

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

St. Lawrence College Enactus LogoThe day was Wednesday, the 11th of March. This may be just like any other day for some, but for the members of Enactus St. Lawrence College and some amazing crew members it was almost D-day. As an Enactus chapter that falls into the central Canada region, the regional competition was tomorrow, we had been preparing for this day for months. There had been scripts made, presentations practiced, t-shirts delivered, forms signed, food purchased, we were all raring to go. All that was left between the Enactus St. Lawrence College chapter and the central Canada regional competition was one night’s sleep and a couple hours of travel. 

To read the rest of the Bismah’s blog, click here.


Our Students 

SLC Counsellors Still Serving Students Virtually

Look out for each other! With distance! For SLC counsellor Stacy Gall, the value of the face-to-face therapeutic relationship cannot be replaced. “The energy in the room is so powerful as the student learns new skills, recognize their strength, and start making progress. I love this energy and it keeps me going as a therapist,” Stacy said. 

However, with the drastic changes required to transition to virtual delivery, Stacy and the entire counselling team had to think of counselling in a new way. “I couldn’t help but feel that it would be far less than what they would be getting in a face-to-face format. I wondered if it would be enough,” she said. 

"Our Wellness team has embraced the requirement to deliver services differently.  They have researched protocols, revised processes and participated in specialized training, all to ensure critical supports continue to be available to our students", said Caryn Langstaff, Director, Wellness, Accessibility & Student Success.  

According to a participating student, “I found the transition (from in-person to online counselling) not as stressful as I imagined it would be and was still relieved that I still had access to this resource.”   

In the past few weeks, approximately 335 virtual appointments have been attended by students with Student Wellness & Accessibility team members, with new appointments being scheduled daily, and ongoing correspondence and follow-up supports being provided to students as needed.

 “While not our preferred therapy format, it is working, and we are all happy to be here for our students during this sudden change and tremendous unpredictability,” Stacy said. “We can have a genuine connection with people on video and we can still help students find their way. I’m proud of our team, and indeed the whole college, for how we’ve all responded to this situation in ways that are meeting students’ needs so quickly and with so much compassion.” 

"I echo those sentiments,” Caryn said. “We are so fortunate to have such exceptional professionals supporting our students every day, and particularly now, in these uncertain and unprecedented times."

“I am so grateful I can still have counselling appointments, especially since everything else seems so uncertain right now. I thought I was going to have to call the crisis line to get support and I’m so glad I don’t have to do that. It was so fast and easy to get an appointment, I was really glad,” another SLC student said. 

If you know of a student who requires a counselling appointment, please have them email

Our Communities

SLC Continues Donations to Local Business, First Responders, and Hospitals 

Hand sanitizer in a bottleSLC is continuing its efforts to donate supplies and lend equipment wherever possible. Shannon Claggett, Associate Dean of Applied Science and Computing, coordinated a donation of Isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide from the Biotechnology program for FireRein, a fire suppression product company in Napanee, who are now producing hand sanitizer for local first responders. As well, last week, personal protective equipment was donated from the Cornwall campus to the Frontenac Paramedics.  

On April 6, healthcare simulation lab equipment from Brockville campus was sent to Brockville General Hospital. This donation includes: 17 beds, 11 beside tables, 17 overbed tables, 17 IV pumps on poles, 1 ECG machine, 4 medical carts, 2 crash carts, 3 vital sign cuffs, 3 linen hampers, 10 flow meters, 10 vacuum regulators. Special thanks to Barb LeBlanc, Associate Dean, School of Baccalaureate Nursing for coordinating the donation, as well as Dylan Kelly and Evan Hayter in Shipping and Receiving at SLC for their continued hard work as an essential college service.  

Important Dates

April 10: Good Friday (No classes)

April 15: College Conversations Online (10:00 - 10:45 am) 

April 17, 2020: Winter semester end date for most programs

April 28, 2020: Grades due - Last day to post Winter 2020 grades into SIS

April 30, 2020: All on- or off- campus events care cancelled until this date

May 1, 2020: College offer acceptance deadline

May 11: Spring semester term begins for most programs*

May 18, 2020: Victoria Day (No classes)

June 2020: Credentials will be processed and mailed to graduates

July 31, 2020: Spring semester end date for most programs**

August 10, 2020: Grades due - last day to post Spring 2020 grades into SIS

August 24, 2020: First day - new full-time faculty

August 31, 2020: First day - returning full-time faculty/program coordinators

September 8, 2020: Orientation Day