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Virtual Program Showcase a Roaring Success

Ingenuity and creativity are essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, and SLC’s faculty, marketing, and recruitment teams rose to the challenge. The creation of the ExperienceSLC website provided an alternative way for prospective students to learn about SLC. Over 90 virtual sessions were delivered offering prospective students a chance to connect with faculty during program sessions, ask questions about services, make digital advising appointments, and explore the college virtually.

With close to 1,000 registrations and over 12,000 visits to the site, prospective students are finding the information they need to make a decision about attending SLC. The ongoing benefit comes from the ability to view recorded sessions, on demand, from any device starting in mid May. So far, 73% of visitors to the site are using a mobile device.


Updates Continue to the Student FAQ

Multiple speech bubbles with a question mark inside.Reminding staff and faculty that the student FAQs continue to be updated and host extensive helpful information for current, prospective, and international students, as well as apprentices. You can find the FAQs on the SLC website, or by clicking here.









Our People

College Conversations Q&A – Part Two


group of 3 people icons with speech bubblesThis week part two of the College Conversations Q&A is shared, which includes answers from Glenn to questions and feedback submitted during and after the April 15 College Conversations event. Where duplicate questions were submitted, only one was used and any questions with identifying information were edited to protect privacy.


Question:  Can you please restate the amount of reserves pre COVID?

Answer: At the fiscal year-end of March 31, 2020, our unaudited restricted and unrestricted reserve estimate is approximately $21 million.

Question: What are the key savings that have resulted in our current financial "wash?"

Answer: Key savings resulting in our current financial wash include making reductions to operational expenses as a result of campus closures in addition to reducing a portion of our Strategic Initiatives budget, deferring some capital projects, and reducing the number of new hires.


Question: Are there special provisions made for medical withdrawal requests? Will the deadline for applying be extended in view of the difficulty students will have in having the form signed by a doctor?

Answer: We are being flexible in how we support and help our students during these unprecedented times. As each case is unique, I suggest students speak with the Registrar’s Office for the best advice for their particular circumstance(s).


Question: Will students still be able to get faculty awards and other bursaries upon completion of their respective programs?

Answer:  I am pleased to confirm the donor-funded awards and non-monetary faculty awards process is unfolding this week, faculty will receive emails asking for their selections, so please watch your inbox.


Question: Will support staff be given the option to have a laptop at home? Some people are using home computers that are shared or outdated.

Answer: People are encouraged to speak with their manager about their needs for equipment to perform their role. Solutions are being determined on a case-by-case basis and IT has been working very hard as the issue is sometimes tied to supply more than logistics.


Question: Will there be layoffs if international student enrollment goes to zero?

Answer: SLC is working to model various scenarios based on enrollment projections. The college has asked all budget managers to find places in their departmental budget where savings can or were likely to occur due to interrupted operations. Our goal is to maintain a financial position where layoffs are not necessary. Lowering costs to counter the impact of reduced tuition and other lost revenues will help make this possible.


Question: I am just wondering if the College would be willing to sign the tax form T2200 (Statement of Employment Conditions) that would allow employees to claim the cost of expenses incurred as a result of being required to work from home.

Answer: According to tax legislation, people must work from home for 50% of the year in order to claim home office expenses. The current timeline would then mean such claims are not possible. It is recommended people speak with their personal tax or finance planners to explore the options available to them.


Question: I am partial load teacher who is working during the spring/summer semester, my questions are the following:  When will the contracts be sent out? Will the contracts be for 12 or 14 weeks?  If they are for 12 weeks, will HR be available to submit our ROE's in case we want to apply for EI?

Answer: The answer to this question will vary depending on school/department and program, as alternate delivery plans and program requirements vary across the college. It is best to seek this confirmation directly from your Associate Dean.

Question: I'm wondering if students can receive information sessions on how to succeed in an alternate format. i.e. organizational skills (keeping your documents in order, organizing your email with folders, keeping an agenda or using your Outlook calendar etc.), tips on the importance of keeping a regular schedule, how to consolidate questions and submit them to the instructor or student success facilitator, tips on how to work with your family to schedule time for your online classes, continued importance of academic honesty etc.

Answer: These are fantastic suggestions and they have been forwarded to student wellness. Several topics you mention are covered in coaching provided by our terrific student success facilitators and Student Services is currently working on information along these lines, that can be shared with students.


Like last week, there were several questions about what is going to happen in the fall. Please note we are working towards confirming our plans and we will communicate them shortly.


I would like to thank everyone for participating and sharing feedback and suggestions after our recent college conversations event. We had overwhelming feedback that another event would be welcomed, so we will be working to schedule a second one. I would ask our community to please keep connecting, supporting each other, and thinking of ways we can best support our students.


Our Programs

Health Care Administration Students Working in Local Health Agencies

Healthcare icons showing connection.Several students in SLC’s Health Care Administration (International) program are on the frontlines of the pandemic, working within local health agencies, putting their professional education and training to work.

According to program coordinator Julie White, many students are internationally trained physicians, nurses, medical research specialists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and others from a variety of health professions.

“Many current students are in health-related part-time jobs, and some graduates have secured full-time jobs in a variety of roles supporting medical care,” Julie said. “It’s gratifying to know these skilled individuals can find employment in the health care field at this time, helping grapple with the effects of the pandemic on the healthcare system.”

Students and recent graduates are working in a number of roles in numerous agencies, including personal support workers, client care coordinators, scheduling coordinators, pharmacy assistants, and more.

“I’m so happy to be working right now and helping people at this time,” said current student Kenia Mena, who is working as a personal support worker at Victorian Order of Nurses (VON). “Right now many vulnerable people in our community can’t have visitors so it is even more critical we are able to provide support as well as relief for primary caregivers at this very difficult time.”

Our Students

Celebrating Our Athletes 

St. Lawrence College Athletic Awards

Tonight, the Athletics team is hosting SLC athletes in a virtual athletic banquet where awards will be handed out to our student athletes and teams in recognition of their hard work and accomplishments. An exciting part of tonight’s agenda includes the reveal of the new athletics brand identity! Check out the SLC Athletics YouTube page for a sneak peek of the new brand. Watch for further details shortly.





SLC Graduates on the Front Lines of Pandemic

Women working in a medical lab.While a lot of attention is paid to the nurses, doctors, and first responders at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, SLC’s graduates in both Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician programs are also playing a key role in the fight.

This week is National Medical Laboratory week, and SLC is proud of the over 50 graduates combined in both programs every year who contribute to healthcare diagnostics along with the over 7000 other Medical Laboratory Professionals working in the province.

“Many of our graduates are these frontline healthcare workers, behind the scenes but at the forefront currently as they are performing COVID-19 testing, besides all the other laboratory diagnostic testing they do 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Robin Thompson-McAvoy, Coordinator/Professor Medical Laboratory Science at SLC.

The microbiology laboratory has been slightly more chaotic lately, with the influx of patient samples due to the COVID-19 testing being conducted, according to 2015 SLC graduate, Rebecca Kooi, a Medical Laboratory Technologist at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre.

“Without everyone working seamlessly as a team we would never be able to accomplish what we have over the last month. I have never been prouder to be a medical laboratory technologist and to work with such an amazing group of people,” she said.

Students Deliver Project to City of Cornwall

Cornwall students shown in a group presentation on a laptop during a video call. COVID-19 didn’t stop Project Management students in Cornwall from completing an important project for the City of Cornwall.

Shivani Sharma, Kelly Mantilla and Santhosh Phillips met with Mayor Bernadette Clement and Public Information Coordinator Emma Medrum early in the year to discuss their project to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

The team was asked to focus on five specific cities to see what initiatives they had implemented and their successes, according to program coordinator, Carla Kingston. “Our original plan was to have these students present at a council meeting, but due to COVID-19, we obviously couldn’t do that.”

Instead, the student team created a short video so the mayor and city council members could hear the highlights of their report. They also emailed their presentation and the full report with the details of their research.

“The students were clearly passionate about finding innovative ways for the City of Cornwall to implement environmentally-friendly practices,” Emma Medrum said. “This showed in their final report, which included dozens of suggestions and best practices by other municipalities in Canada.”

"Participating in the community project was a challenging experience that closed a whole meaningful year marked by a valuable group of lecturers who enriched my professional knowledge," said student, Kelly Mantilla.

“Planning for the future looks much less terrifying as I was empowered by my faculty to make informed, confident decisions during my course in SLC,” said student Shivani Sharma. “My suggestion to all the SLC students would be that our mentors really want to see us succeed, so please take their advice as a directional wind instead of a nudging hand.”

Our Communities

Community Organizations Reach out to Support SLC Students

People connected by a network.Two Kingston organizations are offering outreach to SLC’s diverse student body. The India-Canada Association (ICA) of Kingston and the Islamic Society of Kingston (ISK) have reached out to SLC’s international students to offer support during this challenging time, in addition to the services and supports the college offers.

The ICA is a cultural community organization of people of Indian heritage residing in the Kingston region offering guidance or support due to COVID-19 related hardships. Students needing support may email the ICA at SLC’s International Office and the ICA are planning an upcoming webinar for students to learn more about the organization and the support they offer.

The ISK is extending a Ramadan Reach Out in recognition of the added anxieties people in the community may be currently facing, including international students. Register for ISK’s Ramadan Iftaar program to help ease anxiety or refer someone you know may need help. This is a confidential outreach program to help support community members in need to have a stress-free Ramadan.

If you know of students needing support, please have them contact:

Sarosh Khalid-Khan (English & Urdu) by phone (613-449-5590) or by email (

Rifaa Carter (English & Arabic) by email (

Employment Service in Ottawa Delivers Important Anti-fraud Workshop

Caution SignFraud artists are targeting jobless people during the COVID-19 outbreak with scams aimed at stealing money or personal information. SLC’s Employment Service team is presenting a free, hour-long workshop about employment fraud and job scams aimed to inform and help prevent people falling victim. Desirée Imeish, an employment consultant with St. Lawrence College Employment Service is presenting the workshop which takes place today (Thursday, April 29) at 11:00 a.m. You can read the Ottawa Citizen article for more information and to find the link to join.



Important Dates

May 1: College offer acceptance deadline

May 11: Spring semester term begins for most programs*

May 18: Victoria Day (No classes)

July 31: Spring semester end date for most programs**

August 10: Grades due - last day to post Spring 2020 grades into SIS

August 24: First day - new full-time faculty

August 31: First day - returning full-time faculty/program coordinators

September 8: Orientation Day

September 9: First day of classes, Fall semester begins


May 4: CYC Brockville – Spring Start-date

May 4: ECE Online

*date extended from what was originally set