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Ignite your innovation and let your entrepreneurial spirit shine!

Apply for a paid internship in 2016

St. Lawrence College will be selecting two students to join with Queen's University students to complete a 17 week paid internship. QICSI offers students the unique opportunity to develop and implement innovative ideas in a supportive learning environment. 

What’s in it for me?

  • Get paid $7000 to learn
  • Create a business
  • Network with business leaders
  • Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills

As a  highly talented intern you will participate in seminars, workshops, and mentorship.  You will begin the summer with a two week experiential learning segment taught by Queen’s professors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and industry experts.  Working in a team, you will then have the opportunity to develop your own business or assist in the innovation of a current corporation.  Teams are able to showcase their hard work in a competition at the end of the summer with a chance to win $30,000 to further develop their business.

To apply for this program please - submissions closed for 2016.  Deadline for submission of application is Feb. 19, 2016, 4:00pm.

The Queen’s Innovation Connector Summer Initiative (QICSI, formerly QSII) offers the valuable opportunity to start your own business while being paid and receiving seed funding. QICSI is a 17-week paid summer internship for enterprising students with a capacity for creativity, a tolerance for risk and an interest in entrepreneurship, corporate or social innovation. You will have the opportunity to work in a diverse team with bright individuals from across different programs. Coming into the program, you may already have an idea, but it is not necessary. QICSI is for students from all programs at St. Lawrence College.

The purpose of QICSI is not only to create companies for the summer; many companies born in QICSI continue to operate to this day.

Benefits of the program:
  • QICSI is a unique opportunity to develop your skills and tolerance for risk in engaging in new ventures or corporate innovation.
You’ll have the chance to pool your knowledge and skills alongside students from Queen’s.

As part of the Queen’s Innovation Connector, QICSI will also provide:

Training and Mentorship:
  • Guest speakers throughout the summer covering various topics relevant to your venture
  • Mentors for your ventureA bootcamp startup weekend at the Donald Gordon Conference centre, including accommodations and meals
  • Two weeks of workshops, lectures and training during the QICSI bootcamp in the first two weeks of the program

Access to Office Space and State-of-the-Art Prototyping/Design Studio :
  • Office space for your team to work in the Beamish Munro Hall (BMH) group rooms
  • Access to BMH313, a large flat floor room with reconfigurable desks, extensive white boards and a projector
  • Access to Wi-Fi, a printer, and teleconference facilities
  • Physical prototyping and design facilities in SparQ Labs

Freedom to Pursue any Venture of Your Choice:

There are no limitations on the type of venture you can pursue (provided it is legal). QICSI has the facilities and resources to support any venture, from a physical product-based venture (see SparQ Labs) to a social innovation.More information on QICSI click here.