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"My dream was to open my own business. I loved finance and helping people. Coming to SLC helped me realize that dreams do come true. Business Professors, like Bill Crowe turned their passion into great learning experiences for their students. They helped 'flick a switch inside me' that helped me learn new skills while honing others that were already part of me. The interaction of students and amazing faculty allowed me to grow, share and expand my thoughts and ideas in a very productive setting. Today I am living out my dream. As founding partner and owner of a boutique planning firm, Secura Financial Group, we specialize in comprehensive financial planning. Now I am living it!! -- owning my own business, involved with finances & helping people in my community. Thank you St. Lawrence College!"

Patrick Murphy – Graduate 1994

“My experience in the 3-year Business – Marketing program at SLC was outstanding. The learning opportunities, from the classroom, to placement, to being a part of the Ontario College Marketing Team, really provided me with wonderful experience and an incredible amount of knowledge. As a graduate, I was hired immediately out of placement (by my placement organization), but later chose to accept a position with Algonquin College. Today, I am the Officer Registrar for Algonquin College Perth Campus, a wife, a mother, a small-business owner, and well on my way to completing my Master of Education through UPEI. I could have never dreamt I would be where I am today, and it all started with SLC and the encouragement of the incredible Faculty in the Marketing Program.”

Samantha Atkinson, Graduate 2005

"The Business Administration - Marketing program at St. Lawrence College prepared me far beyond the fundamentals of providing the skills required to excel in the marketing industry. Not only was I prepared for employment upon graduation, I received exceptional guidance and support to also realize my potential."

Kara Reynolds, Graduate 2016

"The purpose of my letter is to communicate to you the profoundly positive impact working with St Lawrence College, and specifically Professor Pam Armstrong, has had on Swift Eyewear and the student community.  The pioneering spirit of numerous members of the SLC team made this partnership a true success in terms of experiential learning and community engagement, as well as, assisting Swift Eyewear in redefining its “raison d’être” - I do not say this lightly. The final reports contained many excellent recommendations with specific steps to implementation."

Joseph Ianni, CEO Swift Eyewear

“As an individual who already had post-secondary experience, returning to St. Lawrence College’s three year Business Administration – Marketing program was the best choice I could have made for my career. The practical skills and knowledge gained in the program combined with passionate professors who truly care about their student’s success resulted in me finding a fantastic career directly out of college. For someone considering taking this program I couldn’t recommend it more.” 

Jacob Phillips, Manager Business Intelligence - St. Lawrence College, Graduate 2014

This program allows students to take their book smarts and apply them in social settings. There is positive impact for the community, and because it’s real life, students learn how to solve problems when things go wrong. As I remind them, you don’t see the stars till it is dark. It’s when you’re down and out that you must turn to reinvention, which takes creativity, innovation and collaboration.”

Pam Armstrong, Program Coordinator, Business Administration - Marketing