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Business Administration - Accounting

Available at: Cornwall | Kingston


St. Lawrence College offers two programs in account­ing as follows:

Program Name

Program Length


Business Accounting

2 Years

Ontario College Diploma

Business Administration – Accounting

3 Years

Ontario College Advanced Diploma


The first two years in both programs are common. The Business Administration – Accounting (3 year) program offers students a more intensive background in financial accounting, corporate finance, cost accounting and taxation during the third year as well as a work placement in the final semester of the program.

Click here to read an FAQ about our Accounting programs.


September - apply at K0659
November - You can start this program in November - code K0973NO. Applicants should apply at as a Business Fundamentals (0973) student. All students will start in this program and transition into the Business program area of their choice.
January - apply at  - code K10659



The professional accounting bodies in Canada (CGA, CMA, CA) have undergone a unification which resulted in the formation of one designation (CPA - Chartered Professional Accountant). This resulted in a number of changes to the qualification processes and requirements for SLC graduates planning on entering the CPA program. 

CPA ACAF Certificate Program
Graduates of the accounting diploma programs can pursue the CPA Canada Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). A university degree is not required for this certification. For more information on transfer credits, please review the CPA ACAF / St. Lawrence College transfer credit policy.

CPA Program Information
Students interested in pursuing a CPA designation can refer to the CPA Ontario web site for additional information on the CPA program.

The CPA program requires a university degree as an entrance requirement into the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP Program). Graduates from the SLC accounting diploma programs have the opportunity to complete a university degree right here at SLC, as described below. 

BBA University Degree at SLC
Graduates of our accounting diploma programs have the opportunity to continue to the Laurentian University Bachelor of Business Administration degree offered on the Kingston campus. For more information about this opportunity, please refer to the BBA program web site.

Graduates of our accounting diploma programs have the opportunity to transfer into the professional program offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). For more details on the accreditation agreement, please see here, by entering the name of the institution and following the steps. Also consult the attached letter, for more details. Please consult the ACCA web site for additional information on the ACCA program structure.

Stenberg College
In addition to the post-graduate opportunities described above, Stenberg College and the Professional Business Accountants’ Society of Canada (PBA) recognize St. Lawrence College as an approved institution for articulation of 12 of the 20 PBA Program courses. Graduates with these designated courses can immediately become "Associate Members" of PBA and continue their progress towards full designation through additional online courses.

Program Name

Business Administration - Accounting

Program Code



Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Start Dates

*Applicants should apply at OCAS as a Business Fundamentals student (K0973) and will transition into the Business program area of their choice.

Program Duration

3 Years

Location (Campus)


Canadian Fees

2017-18 tuition fees are $2,935.68. Compulsory fees are $1,202.15. All fees are subject to change for 2018-19.

International Fees

2017-18 International tuition fees are $13,800.00. Compulsory fees are $1,876.15. All fees are subject to change for 2018-19.

Additional Costs

Scholarships and Bursaries

St. Lawrence College offers an extensive Student Scholarship and Bursary Program. Scholarships and bursaries for this purpose are sponsored by external organizations and private individuals. These awards recognize our academic excellence, community involvement, contribution to the quality of College life, outstanding achievement and professional potential. For more details visit Bursaries and Scholarships.

Program Outline 2018-19

Semester 1
ACCT 1 Introductory Accounting I
ADMN 1000 Introduction to Canadian Business
MATH 35 Business Mathematics
COMM 34 Introduction to College Communications
COMP 222 Computer Application Fundamentals
GENE 114 Professional Effectiveness
CARE 60 Career Development

Semester 2
MATH 53 Mathematics of Finance
ECON 2 Macroeconomics
COMM 39 Communications for Business
ACCT 2 Introductory Accounting II
BELE 2000 Business Elective 1
BELE 4000 Business Elective

Semester 3
HUMA 1079 Organizational Behaviour
ECON 1 Microeconomics
ACCT 36 Accounting Software Applications
ACCT 5 Management Accounting I
ACCT 201 Intermediate Accounting I
COMP 45 Advanced Excel
GENE General Education Course

Semester 4
ACCT 10 Management Accounting II
BTAX 1 Taxation I
FINA 1 Financial Management I
ACCT 202 Intermediate Accounting II
BLAW 1 Business Law
Business Elective
GENE 60 Contemporary Topics in the Workplace

Semester 5
ADMN 5 Preparation for Placement
ACCT 203 Intermediate Accounting III
BTAX 2 Taxation II
FINA 2 Financial Management II
ACCT 35 Auditing
MATH 75 Statistics I
PROJ 1 Introduction to Project Management

Semester 6
ADMN 60 Business Strategy
FINA 45 Cases in Financial Management
ACCT 15 Management Accounting III
ACCT 7 Accounting Information Systems
INTN 60 Accounting Work Placement
ACCT 204 Intermediate Accounting IV

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with the majority of Grade 11 and 12 courses at the C, U or M level including the following prerequisites:

  • Grade 12 English at the C or U level
  • Grade 11 Math at the C, U or M level

For OSSD equivalency options, see Admission Requirements.


Health Requirements

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities


There are just so many great things to say about the teaching staff in the business program. I always think that they expect a lot from us, getting our homework done and being prepared for class discussion. But we, as students, expected a lot from them as well, being prepared to teach us everything we need to know. I feel the business department did a great job of holding up their end of the bargin.

Amanda Collins

Program Contact

Lisa Knechtle-Jerkiewicz

Admissions Information

Connect with a College Career Advisor:

International Students Contact:

Additional Information

Programs at St. Lawrence College are delivered using a variety of instruction modes. Courses may be offered in the classroom or lab, entirely online, or in a hybrid mode which combines classroom sessions with online learning activities. Program delivery can be run weekdays, weekends or evenings. Upon registration, each full-time student is provided a St. Lawrence College email account which is used to communicate important information about program or course events.

Students starting in January must take the second semester during the spring/summer in order to be on track for the third semester in the fall.

Advanced Standing

Once you have been accepted into your college program, contact your program coordinator at for details.

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