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Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and the aim of this course is to introduce you to all major areas of this very complex topic. This course presents an introductory survey of psychology including: its major schools of thought for understanding normal and abnormal behaviour, research methods, learning, intelligence, human development, social influences on behaviour, abnormal psychology, and current psychological therapies. Other areas of psychology are explored further in the Introductory Psychology II Course which follows next semester.

This course will challenge your assumptions and open your eyes. It will impact on how you think about people, situations and everyday items. You will learn about how good research is done, and how to be a critical consumer of what is often portrayed in the media as “research.” Upon completing this course, you will know some of the basic areas in psychology, and how they gather and evaluate evidence about the causes of behaviour and the functioning of the mind. You will also gain insight into how psychological knowledge can be, and has been, utilized in everyday situations in order to improve the quality of our lives and the world around us.