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Culinary tourism is not new, however it has recently been defined and focused to enable more effective packaging and promotion by industry stakeholders. It includes any tourism experience in which one learns about, appreciates, and/or consumes food and drink that reflects local, regional or national cuisine, heritage, culture, tradition or culinary techniques. Ultimately, it isn’t only about consumption, but rather understanding, and participating in, unique opportunities to experience food, wine, and culinary arts. This course aims to provide students with a solid foundation and understanding regarding the concept and promotion of culinary tourism and how to deal effectively with the current issues and challenges facing a specialized market segment. It also examines the significant economic drivers that are propelling this growth segment of the tourism industry from niche market status towards mainstream. The course will also identify, examine and critique the offerings of local culinary tourism providers with the goal of helping each provider maximize and maintain its profitability and popularity within the tourism marketplace.