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HIPR 1100

Students will receive an introduction to the HIM profession and health care environment.  To afford the student an understanding of the process of data collection, the site experience provided in this practicum will allow the student to see the flow of the Registration process in various outside areas (acute care, chronic care, rehabilitation, mental health, family health sites).  This will include registration in outpatient clinics, emergency, referral centers etc.  The students will be placed in various health care settings to learn the record processing workflow following the patient encounters, including scanning and document quality assurance procedures.  The last placements will be in areas of pre-registration for preparation and booking of surgical procedures and other specialized referral/triaging areas such as cancer care.  During the in-school practicum students will work with actual patient charts to see, understand and interpret the content and learn how to capture the relevant data from the chart.  Students will learn and discuss the job interview process and have the opportunity to hear, and dialog with, variosu guest speakers who work in the HIM related fields.