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COCL 1100

This course is a continuation of COCL 1000 and is designed to provide knowledge in health care classification using ICD 10-CA/CCI, SNOMED CT, DSM IV and the Canadian Coding Standards. This course focuses on these nomenclatures and classification systems, coding guidelines and standards, as well as the importance of
data quality and the uses of coded information. Folio software is used to teach the coding of diagnoses and interventions. Students are taught the search engines needed to locate, select, and the importance of applying consistency in their coding. CIHI coding conventions and standards are taught in conjunction with this course to provide the students with the understanding that coding and data quality work simultaneously.
All data elements are taught to the students and they are made aware of which of these are mandatory or optional for Ontario and at the local level. Use of in-class and sample hospital cases are explained to the students. Coded data is reviewed and tested by the use of coding exercises, quizzes, tests and exams. using in-class and sample hospital