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Encore Seniors Education Centre

LEARNING… PURE FUN! Daytime courses for seniors and adults.


“Encore” is an award-winning program that offers daytime academic classes for adults 50 and over at the Cornwall campus of St. Lawrence College. No educational prerequisites. Experienced, enthusiastic instructors. An enjoyable social, educational experience.

More topics are continually being added. For more information, or to receive the detailed Encore program booklet, please call Encore at 613-937-1525 or visit the Encore website at (site will open in a new window).



Encore Education Centre, St. Lawrence College, 2 St. Lawrence Dr., Cornwall, ON  K6H 4Z1
Information & registration -  613-937-1525
Payment:  cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard
All classes take place at St. Lawrence College, Room A1051 unless otherwise stated


An opportunity to freely exchange ideas on current events and hot button issues. Not a formal debate, but an organized discussion and exchange of ideas with others in your community. Come and explore the issues which matter to you, and perhaps hear other points of view!  Topics will be chosen by the group based on current events.  Dave Holford
Tuesdays, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, Apr. 8--May 13  $65  (6 sessions)


#02- WRITE IT NOW (My Life Story)
A course for ordinary people who wish to write their life stories as a gift to their children and grand-children. Our aim is not to correct spelling and grammar.  We merely want writers to tell and write their stories if they so wish. Join us for a ride and share in a wonderful journey of writing.  The group is there to encourage and facilitate writing in a friendly atmosphere.  Mary Thibeault
Wednesdays, 9:30 to 11:30 am, Apr. 9--May 14  $65  (6 sessions)


Simple and straightforward estate planning for the average senior (or senior of average means?), including discussion of: what legal documents all seniors should have in place; what discussions all seniors should have with one or more family members; what simple steps seniors can take to ensure a problem-free estate; what happens if you die without a Will or other estate plan in place?
Shelley Adams
Wednesday, April 9, 2:30 to 4:30 pm  $20


#04- DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY- PART I- Mastering the Camera
Part I (Mastering the Camera) will offer digital photographers the opportunity to gain control over their medium.  Starting at a very basic level it will progressively allow students to gain mastery over the technical aspects of photography.  It will cover basic camera controls; exposure (reading of light), sharp focusing, basic and more advanced controls and use of accessories such as flash, filters, tripods, etc... This course assumes that some participants will be beginners, but will also offer more advanced techniques for advanced amateurs.  Please bring your cameras.  Bernard Carriere
Thursdays, 9:30 to 11:30 am, Apr. 10-24 $45  (3 sessions)
N.B.  Issues dealing with working with pictures on the computer will not be covered in this course.


#05- DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY- PART II Artistic/Creative Photography
Part II (Artistic/Creative Photography) will focus on aesthetics and creativity.  In other words, we will build on the technical learning of Part I and will apply it to portraits, landscape, nature, wildlife and macro (close-up) photography.  This course will cover composition, posing, creative use of colour, Black and White fine art photography etc. Please bring your camera.  Bernard Carriere
Thursdays, 9:30 to 11:30 am, May 1-15 $45 (3 sessions)
N.B.  Issues dealing with working with pictures on the computer will not be covered in this course.


This course is intended for participants who have no prior (or little) knowledge of the German language, and are interested mainly in basic “interactive German“ to ask directions, order a meal, register in a hotel, or take a train or bus when in any of the German speaking countries. That basic structure however, will be a solid enough foundation to advance to further, more advanced studies, which will enable the student to start to read and write, view movies, listen to radio or TV programs and go shopping or visit a doctor’s office in case of medical emergencies. 
Pre-requisite: German Conversation Part I or equivalent  Harold Fues 
Thursdays, Noon to 2:00 pm, Apr. 10-May 15  $65  (6 sessions)


Is your world undergoing change?  Is your perception of your reality starting to shake?  Interested to find out what you can do to help in this transformation?  Then join David Rawnsley, Quantum Activist, as he explores what is known as the “Great Awakening”. It seems that many of us have been sleepwalking and need to re-engage with the spiral of life. What better way than with a bunch of like-minded souls.
Thursdays, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, April 10—May 1  $55  (4 sessions)


Garden trends for 2014, how to wake up your yard for the Spring season and easy ways to give your patio and garden a fresh look will be discussed!. Plus, tips and tricks from Diane based on her many years in the industry (Marlin Orchards & Garden Centre is 50 years old this year!)  Lots of time for questions and answers too.
Diane Lunan
Monday, April 14, 9:30 to 11:30 am  $20


Lorna Foreman, artist and writer, discovered she was a Gluten Intolerant fifteen years ago.  Rather than feeling deprived, she turned it into an adventure; new foods, new outlook on cooking and a foray into learning the essentials of good nutrition.  While not a nutritionist, Lorna has studied the effects of this disease and discovered that more and more people are starting to eliminate, or at least cut back, the consumption of wheat and wheat products in their diet.  She will talk about what trial and error went into producing her cookbook ‘WHEAT WATCHERS” and how it can be  of use to anyone interested in a different way of cooking.  She will have samples from the cookbook and will attempt to answer any questions.
Tuesday, April 15, 9:30 to 11:30 am  $20


This three-session course will address the basic pre-swing fundamentals, (grip, aim, stance, and ball position). Equipment make-up will also be covered and participants will be advised as to club lengths, shaft flex and grip size. There will be 2 hours of indoor preparation, 2 hours of driving range and putting green instruction and 2 hours of par 3 play. It is recommended that participants supply their own five iron and/or seven iron.  Ray Riley 
Tuesdays, Noon to 2:00 pm,  Apr. 15--29  $55  (3 sessions) (cost includes facility rental fee)
Session 1: St. Lawrence College, Aultsville Hall, Room A1051
Sessions 2 & 3:  Archie’s Family Golf, 1719 Vincent Massey Drive
Note:  unfavourable weather conditions could cause these dates to be extended


James Boswell's Life of Johnson is the most celebrated of biographies -- placing it among the greatest and most entertaining books in the English language. From the time of its publication in 1791, Boswell had been unfairly relegated to the role of mere recorder and sidekick but, with the unearthing of his private papers in the 1920s, he has taken his place along with his mentor Samuel Johnson, at the forefront of the world's men of letters. His own life is richly anecdotal: replete with adventure, enterprise, humour, risk and despair. In this workshop we shall serve him forth, paying particular attention to his Scottish character and the temper of his time.
David Anderson
Wednesday, April 16, 2:30 to 4:30 pm  $20


#12- CORNWALL STARS – The Night Sky of 2014 plus 2 Observing Sessions
A survey of features of the heavens to be seen this spring and summer plus two opportunities to observe with naked eye, binoculars and telescopes, responding to a 3 day weather window starting Tuesday each week.  Classes will highlight features and new understandings of our Solar System, our Milky Way Galaxy, and the Universe of Galaxies. The use of binoculars and features of telescopes for amateur astronomy will be discussed and if of interest, the use of modern consumer cameras for astrophotography.  BTW – watch for Lunar Eclipse night of April 14/15.  Tom Olien 
Tuesdays, 9:30 to 11:30 am, April 22 & 29  $30  (2 class sessions, plus 2 observing sessions, times tba)


In our world of the most advanced disease treatment technologies in history, many have forgotten how to LIVE in a way that promotes health, vitality and optimum function – at any age. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition or just looking to improve your experience in life, this workshop will provide you with tools to immediately get results.  Dr. Thorin Gault
Wednesday, April 23, 2:30 to 4:30 pm  $20


This course is a follow-up to Bridge for Beginners and is ideally suitable for Beginners and Intermediate levels or for all Bridge players who wish to gain confidence playing a hand of bridge.  Each hand will be played and then discussed in detail: reviewing the bidding, the plan to play the hand and how to defend the hand.  The course will be highly interactive and open for discussion of various choices and which ones are best.  Some modern bidding techniques will be presented as necessary to provide an up-to-date approach.  Stan Marshall
Fridays, Noon to 2:00 pm, April 25—May 23  $60  (5 sessions)


Roger Sauvé and Lorna Foreman, both members of the Cornwall Writers Group and winners in the Cornwall Library’s Writing Contest, invite you to explore the joy of putting your thoughts into poetry.  Roger will introduce you to poetry free from all those academic rules and rhyme that you learned in school.  His only goal is to help you explore your personal emotions, your feelings and your free spirit in a form that fits.  Lorna’s passion is Haiku - a more structured, 17 syllable poetry form.  She will demonstrate that less is more.  Both will give examples of their own work to inspire you to create at least one example of each. Reading to the group your new creations or short pieces you have written previously is optional.  Writing and reading poetry is life-affirming and directly relevant to our lives.  Please bring paper and pencil or pen.
Monday, April 28, 9:30 to 11:30 am  $20


We live in a world of rotating wheels.  A force is necessary to make a wheel rotate but it can only be applied in a straight line.  This presentation will examine the various ways  in which this is done and we will discuss more  efficient ways of doing it.  David Smith
Monday, April 28, 1:30 to 3:30 pm  $20


A photo journey through the wonderful contrasting country of Israel.  From the cosmopolitan sophistication of Tel Aviv, with its 14 kilometers of beach to walking in the footsteps of Christ in Old Jerusalem.  Then on to Masada where King Herod's palace sits 1300 feet above the desert. Then there is the Dead Sea and of course The BAHAI Gardens in Haifa. The wonders never cease. Come along.  Gary Brennan
Wednesday, April 30, 2:30 to 4:30 pm  $20


Are you aware of all the federal services that MP Guy Lauzon's office can assist you with? Did you know their office has helped over 1,000 families receive over $10 million in tax refunds from the Disability Tax Credit? Are you receiving the right amount of benefits from federal programs? Do you know of the many programs available to veterans and their spouses? This session will provide information about the Disability Tax Credit, OAS and Guaranteed Income Supplement, CPP and CPP Survivor's pension, veterans services, passport and consular services. Presentation made by MP Guy Lauzon and his staff.
Friday, May 2, 9:30 to 11:30 am. No cost, but you must pre-register to attend


How much did the people of Glengarry know about the impending storm that was to engulf the world in August 1914?  How did the people of Canada feel about the British Empire?  What was the state of Canada's military preparedness during the years leading up to the War?  How was the local militia, the 59th Stormont and Glengarry Regiment, organized and trained?  These questions will be answered in this session.  Note: this is the first of a series of eight planned lectures on the subject of "Glengarry & the First World War". The objective will be to present a picture of life in Glengarry County in the period leading up to the War, and how the population fared during the conflict.  Robin Flockton
Monday, May 5, 9:30 to 11:30 am  $20


On a normal day more than 4 million people fly on more than 8,000 commercial flights; and they all get to their destinations safely, despite delays, mechanical problems and rotten weather. Part 1 will examine the evolution of Commercial Aviation over the last century into this immensely complex global system, which can transport you to almost any place on the planet within 24 hours. Part 2 will follow the activities required to transport you from Pearson airport in Toronto, to Heathrow in London, in complete safety and "relative" comfort.
Dave Holford
Mondays, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, May 5 & 12  $30  (2 sessions)


Participants will examine a sample of water from the river, and learn how technological innovations are used to measure water quality parameters such as turbidity, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and bacterial counts in the River Institute’s labs. They will learn how these devices work and how these measurements relate to the health of aquatic ecosystems and human health.  Presented by St. Lawrence River Institute
Tuesday, May 6, 9:30 to 11:30 am  $20
Location:  St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences, 2 St. Lawrence Dr., Cornwall


#22- IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO RAISE A CHILD: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
We will discuss some of the factors surrounding ASD and outline ways that extended family members and friends can be important support sources to parents with children diagnosed with this disorder. This syndrome affects one girl for every five boys and has varying degrees of impacts on the child's development. In our attempt to understand this phenomenon, we look to factors such as genetics, environments, nutrition, etc. and soon discover that we continue to have more questions than answers. Until an answer is provided, families are left to navigate a variety of support services and in some instances, fend for themselves. The extended family can play an important support role when its members are informed and understand the impact of the diagnosis on their loved ones.  Anne Borbey-Schwartz
Friday, May 30, Noon to 2:00 pm,  $20




This course will introduce you to PowerPoint 2010. The program is devised to create and design presentations for anniversaries, memorable occasions or as a teaching tool. It allows users to create anything from basic slide shows to complex presentations. It is simple to learn, especially if you already use a word program.
Hans Schutz, Jack Seguin 
Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge required.
Tuesdays, 3:30 to 5:30 pm, April 8-29  $55  (4 sessions)
Location: St. Lawrence Secondary School, 1450 2nd St. E.


This course is designed for computer greenhorns. We will start by teaching you the use and functions of the mouse and keyboard and there will be an introduction into word processing. You will learn how to create files and folders since this is a must if you intend to store your documents, pictures or music on your computer.  You will also be taught how to copy and move computer data. Throughout the course we will re-enforce what you have learned by doing hand-on exercises.
Hans Schutz, Jack Seguin
Prerequisite:  Own or have access to a computer
Thursdays, 3:30 to 5:30 pm, April 10-May 1  $55  (4 sessions)
Location: St. Lawrence Secondary School, 1450 2nd St. E.


This session will address concerns about computer security.  We will cover viruses, cookies, spam, firewalls, on-line banking and social networking sites such as “Facebook”.  This will be a basic overview which will give participants more confidence when on the internet.  Robin Axten
Monday, April 14, 1:30 to 3:30 pm  $20    Location:  St. Lawrence College, Aultsville Hall, Room A1051


Spring is clean-up time!  Here’s a chance to de-clutter and get rid of your unwanted “treasures” by donating them to Encore’s “Spring Garage Sale Fundraiser”
Saturday, June 7, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
For more information, please call Encore at 613-937-1525



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