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Program Description: 
This Program is designed to enhance the Registered Nurse’s knowledge, attitudes, skills in health
promotion/surveillance, professional ethics, and administrative/supervisory skills.


Credential Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Length of Program: 8 Courses

Starts September, January, May

Admission Requirements
Applicants must provide evidence of a licence to practice as a registered nurse from the College of Nurses of Ontario or equivalent from other provinces/territories.


Introduction to Occupational Health Nursing - Online

This course introduces students to the specialty of occupational health nursing and is a prerequisite for subsequent courses. Students will explore the role and functions of the occupational health nurse including ethical and privacy issues, concepts of hazard and risk, workplace and worker health assessments, health surveillance, and an introduction too disability management.

OCHS 1 430
*Closed* $299.70

Chemical & Physical Hazards in the Workplace – Online

Using a systems approach, students will acquire an understanding of the health effects of exposure to various chemical and physical agents and the role of the occupational health nurse in health surveillance.

OCHS 2 430
*Closed* $399.60


Ongoing Health Status Assessment - Correspondence

Concepts of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention are applied to occupational and non-occupational health problems in the worker population.  The Registered Nurses’ role in health promotion includes history taking, physical, mental and psychosocial status assessment.  Relevant diagnostic testing is stressed.  Physical examination of the ear, eye, respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems are practiced, using programmed education.  Concepts of epidemiological investigation are included.

OCHS 3 430
*Closed* $399.60 - Please call Donna Elliott to enroll.


Health & Safety Management - Online

Occupational health nurses support the organization's health and safety programs through knowledge of the principles of loss control, methods of accident investigation, and the promotion of a safe, healthy workplace through effective health and safety program implementation.

OCHS 4 430
*Closed* $399.60

Counseling and Health Promotion - Online

Occupational health nurses frequently engage in helping relationships and the provision of health promotion programs.  this course will introduce students to the helping process, crisis intervention, theoretical frameworks of health promotion, and the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs.

OCHS 5 430
*Closed* $299.70

Disability Management – Online

Students will acquire an understanding of the principles and processes of workplace accommodation for employees with work and non-work related injury and illness.

OCHS 11 430
*Closed* $399.60

Ergonomics – Online

The principles of ergonomics and biomechanics are explored as they relate to workplace interactions between workers and their equipment and environment in order to promote safe work practices and the prevention of repetitive strain and musculoskeletal injuries.

OCHS 12 430
*Closed* $354.72

Health & Safety Legislation – Online

This course will enable students to understand the occupational health and safety legislation of their respective province. This knowledge will enable occupational health nurses to function as a resource person to facilitate organizational compliance with health and safety legislation.

OCHS 13 430
*Closed* $399.60


For more information on the program or to register call Donna Elliott at:
Brockville: 613-345-0660 ext. 3312
Kingston: 613-544-5400 ext. 3312
Cornwall: 613-933-6080 ext. 3312
Or 1-866-276-6601 - Press 4, then Press 3

For detailed course information;
contact Jill Row at  - OR - Jane Lemke at




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