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SLC professor receives 2017 RPNAO Preceptor of Excellence Award


Patric Campeau 

Patric Campeau, a St. Lawrence College professor, is the recipient of the 2017 Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO) Preceptor of Excellence Award. Patric is a part-time faculty member who teaches Therapeutic Relationships as well as labs and clinical in the Practical Nursing program on St. Lawrence College’s Cornwall campus. Patric was presented with the award during the RPNAO dinner gala on Thursday, September 28 at the Delta City Centre Hotel in Ottawa.

The RPNAO Preceptor of Excellence Award recognizes a Registered Practical Nurse who has contributed as a role model for Practical Nursing students. A Preceptor provides guidance to a student entering the practice setting by creating a positive learning environment in which the student can expand his or her knowledge and skills to successfully integrate nursing theory into practice.

Upon presentation of the award, Patric – who also works as a Registered Practical Nurse at Saint Elizabeth Health Care – was described as an inspiring role model who demonstrates outstanding competence and professionalism and maintains therapeutic relationships with all clients by approaching care with calmness and respect. Committed to the Preceptor role, Patric creates a comfortable learning environment, dedicates time for discussion, and enhances the students’ clinical experience by consistently facilitating clinical learning.

One student said, on her first day, she was nauseated and anxious. Patric took time to teach her step-by-step and because of that, her anxiety decreased and she was put at ease. Patric genuinely wants to see students succeed. He dedicates additional time to support students’ learning and is a reliable resource with current College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) standards and guidelines. He offers constructive feedback that results in students learning how to optimize their strength in the provision of high quality care. His enthusiasm, thoroughness, and patience in teaching and guiding students creates a meaningful learning experience where students gain confidence and grow professionally.

From a student’s perspective, the most significant indication of Preceptor’s excellence is students’ personal and professional growth. As one nominator stated, “I know I can make a difference in someone’s life because he made a difference in mine.”