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Child and Youth Care students welcome at risk youth to experience college


Tanea Fortin is a member of the Faculty in the St. Lawrence College’s Child and Youth Care Program (formerly Child and Youth Worker). She knows that if you make sure young people at risk of leaving school, feel comfortable on a College campus, then they are empowered to realize that the College experience could be right for them.

On the 24 and 25 of February, the Child and Youth Care students at St. Lawrence are inviting some young people to come for a visit, stay in the residence overnight, enjoy some seriously interesting activities and learn about all the support services find at the College. The event is called, “Preparing At Risk Youth for Post-Secondary” and Tanea Fortin says it’s the third part of an advocacy program her students began earlier this winter session. From classroom learning into action, third year CYC students are all involved in offering young people, who MIGHT not think they could ever go to College, the chance to see that is IS possible and that there are people just waiting to give them the supports and direction they need to find success!

It’s all in preparation for graduates of the CYC Program and others to say, “Hello Future” at St. Lawrence College!