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New Applied Research project at SLC will help Ontario companies improve online business

2015-09-24, 1:04 PM

Applied Research and the SPARK Production House at St. Lawrence College have received funding  from  Ontario Centres of Excellence to assist 15 Eastern Ontario companies develop and  improve their internet presence.

The Small Business Online Acceleration Program (SBOAP) is committed to enhancing Eastern Ontario small business’ online capacities and capabilities. This initiative will involve the creative and award winning talents of SPARK, the student-led  production house at St. Lawrence College.

Established in early 2014, SPARK is a team of 10 students from various SLC programs, including Graphic Design, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Interactive Marketing Communications, and, Business Administration – Marketing.  In less than 16 months since its inception, SPARK has completed more than 25 custom digital projects for clients in the Eastern Ontario region. With the SBOAP program, SLC students will be applying and expanding upon their education by collaborating with SMEs to develop the required industry skills to make an immediate impact after graduation.

“This is a unique opportunity for companies to work with the creative student minds at St. Lawrence College and for SPARK to help their businesses become more competitive online,” according to Ian Dick, Industry Liaison for St. Lawrence College. 

Building upon the strong ties the College has developed with Eastern Ontario Economic Development Centres, the SPARK project teams will identify 15 clients and analyze their online challenges. These students, project managers and SMEs will collaboratively develop a customized strategy and design and implement the solution. The final products will include websites, improved online sales process, digital and social media and customer relationship management, and other tailored solutions based on the clients need.

"At Spark we love new challenges! We are looking forward to employing our creativity to impact businesses in our community.  We are eager start working collaboratively to improve their online presence," said Ricardo Giuliani, SPARK Creative Director.



For more information, or, to get involved with this opportunity, please contact:

Ian Dick - Industry Liaison
(613) 544-5400 ext. 1451

For media inquiries:

Laura Tulchinsky
St. Lawrence College, Communications
613-544-5400, ext. 1291
Cell: 613-329-2451