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Experiential learning leads to dream job


It’s called Experiential Learning and it’s the thing that got St. Lawrence College Business Administration Accounting Graduate, Victoria Stinson ready for the world of work. As a matter of fact, Victoria captured her dream job the day she graduated from the College, because she’d already had an internship session with a Kingston business, ‘Secker Ross and Perry’ and they hired her!

Victoria Stinson’s experience at College in Experiential Learning isn’t unique even if she herself stands out from the crowd. It’s how  students learn the skills they need to be the top candidate in a job interview that makes the difference.

St. Lawrence College urges students to participate in their community in a big way, volunteering and taking on placement jobs outside the classroom curriculum… exactly what Victoria Stinson did. She joined the College ENACTUS organization….  a community of student, academic and business leaders who enable progress through entrepreneurial action… real-life experience balanced with work, school and personal life.

Victoria Stinson knows when you find that balance, the potential is incredible! She’s saying ‘hello’ to her future by graduating from Experiencial Learning at St. Lawrence College.

Listen here!