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Vet Assistant Fundraiser for Four Paws Academy a Huge Success


When you have a passion for something, you work just a little bit harder for success and that’s how the Veterinary Assistant Program students at St. Lawrence College feel about the ‘Kingston 4 Paws Academy’. It’s a non-profit Service Dog Training school in Kingston. They provide fully-trained service dogs to families in need. The dogs bring independence to people with various disabilities like autism, epilepsy, PTSD or mobility.

So, to help train service dogs, the 50 Vet students at the College approached local businesses for donations and raised $3000. That meant a family on the waiting list would get a fully-trained service dog that much sooner!

The Vets Assistant Program on the Kingston campus used their College Marketing and Communications course to raise the profile of the ‘Kingston 4 Paws Academy’. Now they know what to do the next time they discover they have a passion for a cause or an organization…..and each Veterinary Assistant student is already saying hello to his or her future at St. Lawrence College. Listen here.