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How ENACTUS enhances learning


Andi Shea is juggling two part-time jobs, a full course load at St. Lawrence and is the in-coming General Manager of the ENACTUS organization at the College. That’s quite the load of work and volunteering, but as Andi says, when you go back to school you have to hold on to your hat… there’s so much to do!

When Andi resigned from her job last year to join the Business Administration and Marketing Program on the Kingston campus, she’d already volunteered with the food bank and other charities in Kingston and she knew she’d miss that part of her life, so the student organization ENACTUS fit the bill.  That’s where you can volunteer to make a difference in people’s lives, like organizing the Young Women Innovation Conference focusing on teaching grade seven and eight girls how to be entrepreneurs….. Starting and completing huge projects from scratch, while balancing jobs and school work makes for a well-disciplined College graduate.

Andi Shea says the entire College faculty has been supportive at St. Lawrence, especially when she’s had to re-arrange her schedules to make everything fit. But, that’s what life’s really all about and Andi says it’s so rewarding. Check it out… and say HELLO to YOUR future at St. Lawrence College! Listen here.