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PLAR Applicant

PLAR Advisor

Academic Schools

Responsible for own prior learning and experience, including documentation.

Responsible for the process, administers the paperwork and advises student on PLAR strategies.

Responsible for academic information, advisement and assessment.

  1. Receptionist
  2. Program Coordinator
  3. Assessor

To download the PLAR Responsibilities pdf, please click here

  1. Process starts
  1. Student has a general info request about PLAR or a specific PLAR request and might ask one of the following groups  for information: PLAR Advisor, Reception of the School, a professor and/or Program Coordinator, an employee in Student Services – they will refer her/him to the appropriate internet link of the PLAR package or hand out the printed PLAR package.


  1. Responsibilities of the PLAR Applicant
  1. Downloads and reviews the PLAR package. The last page is the student checklist that guides through the process.
  2. Downloads  the Program list of the program he/she is enrolled in or that student wants to be enrolled in from the St. Lawrence College homepage (Programs & Courses/ Full-Time/ Program List)
  3. Works through the list, downloads program outlines that might be suited for PLAR and decides if the outlines touches on the individual vocational- or life experience.
  4. If answer to c. is “yes”, contacts school receptionists to receive the specific course outlines of the courses the applicant has chosen for PLAR (a fee might apply).
  5. Works through the learning outcomes of the outline to see in how far the previous experience meets the outcomes.
  6. Contacts the appropriate PLAR resource listed on the first page of the package (PLAR Advisor) for any questions about the process. Current applicant deciding to potentially apply for a PLAR assessment make an appointment with the Program Coordinator to discuss eligibility and ask him/her to send a confirmation email to the PLAR Advisor ( supporting the application.
  7. Once eligibility is confirmed by the Program Coordinator, applicant sets up an appointment (in person or via telephone) with PLAR Advisor (, an application is completed and fees paid at Student Services.
  8. Applicant starts the process by putting together information as stated in the PLAR package, i.e. all evidence.
  9. PLAR advisor informs applicant about the name of the assessor (may take 2-3 weeks).
  10. Applicant contacts the assessor via email to inquire about assessment process and the assessor’s expectations.
  11. Applicants follow the steps of the PLAR checklist.


  1. Responsibilities of the PLAR Advisor
  1. Is the contact and advisor for the process for any questions prior, within and after the PLAR process for applicant and faculty.
  2. Administers the paperwork, contacts the appropriate faculty and connects the parties as needed.
  3. Supplies the assessors and Program Coordinators with the appropriate forms and ensures that grades are entered into the system at records in Cornwall.
  4. Administers and keeps the file of the process for 2 years after completion including assessment file from assessor.


  1. Responsibilities of the Academic Schools/ Student Services
  1. Applicant asks for relevant course outline of the specific program and course he or she wants to PLAR. Receptionist supplies student with the outline and collects the fee  (In Brockville and Cornwall in Student Services, in Kingston Academic School offices).
  2. It is the responsibility of the applicant to read through the information provided and work through the outline to determine whether her or his experience is matching the learning outcomes of the course; however, before actually applying for the PLAR assessment, applicant should be referred to the relevant Program Coordinator for academic advisement and ask him/her to send a confirmation email to the PLAR Advisor ( All questions on the process should be addressed to the PLAR Advisor.
  3. Once the applicant has filled out the PLAR application form and paid the fee, the PLAR Advisor emails appropriate Associate Dean (copy to the Program Coordinator) to assign assessor.
  4. Associate Dean/Campus Dean replies to PLAR Advisor stating the name of the assessor.
  5. PLAR Advisor contacts (emails) the applicant and copies the assessor to indicate that this person has been assigned to evaluate the PLAR.
  6. PLAR Advisor forwards the appropriate form to assessor for documenting the PLAR results.
  7. The applicant initiates the first contact with the assessor to clarify details on assessment and expectations (Assessor informs the applicant about how the assessment will be conducted: Portfolio only or in combination with challenge activity). The assessor then contacts the applicant to set up an appointment for the testing/assessment component. Once the PLAR is evaluated, the assessor documents the results on a separate form – a letter grade and percentage (if it applies) as well as rationale of assessment. The assessment form including the assessment documents are to be sent back to PLAR Advisor and kept on file for a period of two years.
  8. The Program Coordinator receives a copy of the”Notification of course credit achieved form” from the PLAR Advisor to have proof of the completed process.
  9. The grade will be entered by Records and will appear on the transcripts within 3 weeks.