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  • Downloaded and reviewed the PLAR Package on the St. Lawrence College website.
  • Downloaded Program you are enrolled in or that you want to be enrolled in from the Program List on the St. Lawrence College homepage (01 Full-Time Studies/Program List or 02 Part-Time Studies)
  • Worked through the list, downloaded the short versions of the program outlines that might be eligible for PLAR and decided, if the outlines roughly meet the individual vocational- or life experience.
  • Contacted St. Lawrence College school to receive the specific course outline that might be eligible for PLAR (a fee might apply)
  • Worked through the learning outcomes of the outline to see in how far the previous experience meets the learning outcomes.
  • Set appointment with program coordinator who checked eligibility and sent email to PLAR advisor to support PLAR application.
  • Contacted the appropriate PLAR resource listed on the first page of the package for any questions on the process or if ready to start application for the specific courses identified.
  • Filled out application in cooperation with PLAR Advisor, paid the fees.
  • Started to gather letters of evidence or proof and/or create a portfolio as stated in the package.
  • Contacted PLAR resource if no feedback came back within 2 weeks of application.

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