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3D Chalk Artist, Alumni - Guy Wales, created unique art just for us. He was located near the entrance of the Family Picnic.

Canadian 3-D chalk artist Guy Wales and Visual and Creative Arts-Fine Arts grad of 2009, creates illusions that seem to emerge from the pavement right before your eyes!  As the “3-D Chalk Guy”,  Wales specializes in colorful, family-friendly scenes, tailored to enhance any festival theme.  Guy was Special Guest Artist during "Unbelievable Art" Week, at Science North in Sudbury, during "The Science of Ripley's Believe It Or Not" exhibit.


He has entertained hundreds of festival-goers with original designs featuring storybook themes and menacing creatures, all in good fun.  Visitors may find themselves being photographed with fabled beasts ranging from a giant purple octopus to a fire-breathing dragon, or man-eating shark!

Check out his website for a sample of some of his unique creations.

Thanks to all who attended our celebration at the Kingston campus on June 24, the Cornwall campus on July 8 and the Brockville campus on July 15.