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The Student Note-Taking Program at St. Lawrence College

•     Student Note-takers are assigned to take classroom notes for students who, because of a physical or learning or mental health disability, are unable to take their own notes.

•     This accommodation frees the student up to listen to the professor and to focus on the information being given.

•     Student Note-takers are usually classmates of the student and are familiar with the subject matter.

•     Student Note-takers are responsible for; recording the content of the classes in an organized and legible manner, be in good academic standing, attend class regularly and maintain confidentiality.

•     In order to maintain confidentiality, the note-taker is to scan his or her notes with- in 24 hours of class ending and email them directly to Hollee Harris. A scanner is provided in the ATCLab room 00490, if needed.

•     If a Student Note-taker is absent from class the student must make alternate arrangements by either asking another student or seeking assistance from the LC Coordinator.

•     Student Note-takers will receive a  $75. Gift Card per course at the end of each semester upon successful completion of their duties.

•     Student Note-takers may also receive Student Life Credits for their services.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Brockville Campus:         Wendy Herzan ext. 3154 or by email
Cornwall Campus:           Lynn Charron ext. 2709 or by email
Kingston Campus:          Hollee Harris ext. 1194 or by email


Student Note Taking Application