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IT Services will be reaching out each month with tips and tricks about ongoing cyber security threats that could affect the lives of students, staff, and faculty. These are aimed at educating the readers so that they can make informed decisions, make better choices about what to share with the world, and protect themselves.

We aim to keep the conversation going so that students can feel comfortable asking us questions and learning who to go to if something does happen. We aim to have staff knowing the risks that are unique to their positions within the college. This is meant to be going and changing to meet the ever changing electronic environment that we live in.

Cyber Security: Timely information that you need to know!

password protection

September 2016
Do's and Don'ts of Password Security
Did you know a single eight-character password takes less than half a day to decode? 


October 2016
Top 5 Common Phishing Lures

identity theft image

November 2016
7 Signs You Could Be a Victim of Identity Theft

safe travel

December 2016

8 Ways to Stay Safe When Traveling

January 2017
Safe Browsing

February 2017

Electronic/USB Device Safety

IT safety 

March 2017

Social Media Safety

Randomware photo

April 2017
5 ways to safeguard against Ransomware

Private browsing

May 2017
Online Privacy


June 2017
Information Privacy and Commissioner of Ontario

July 2017
The Internet of Things

February 2018
Phishing Scams - How to Identify


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Here are some additional resources about cyber security

Government of Canada - Cyber Security

RCMP - Scams and Fraud

OPP - Identity Crimes

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Canadian Bankers Association Fraud Prevention

CIBC Privacy and Security

FBI Scams and Safety

Apple Phishing & Other Suspicious Emails

USA Homeland Security - Cyber Security

Teens Guide to Cyber Security (*St. Lawrence College is not affiliated with Hot Spot Shield)