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positive space rainbowThe Positive Space Initiative (PSI) Working Group exists to create opportunities to foster SLC community awareness and engagement and promote the inclusion of LGBTQ persons in every aspect of campus life.

It Get’s Better Project / Video

Positive Space Campaign Working Group - find out more.

The Positive Space Campaign Working Group is committed to supporting and promoting a number of initiatives across all three campuses.  

These include:

Positive Space Training

What is the Positive Space Campaign?                                                                                                                                                        

Positive Space is a 2 hour information session, aimed at developing increased awareness, understanding and acceptance of the issues of sexual identity and gender diversity at St. Lawrence College. Additionally, it is a volunteer sticker campaign. A Positive Space sticker posted on an office door, or workspace identifies the intention to create an accepting and supportive environment with respect to issues of sexual identity and gender diversity

What are the Responsibilities of a Positive Space Participant at St. Lawrence College

1) Display a Poster Space Sticker or Button

  • Display a Positive Space sticker or button in a visible place that you have control over, such as your work space, your backpack or your person. If you share a workspace, please ensure that your office mate is also a participant in the program before affixing the sticker to the entrance to your shared space.

2) Be a Resource

  • Act in a sensitive and compassionate manner towards the needs of the LGBTQ  community on campus
  • Respect the confidentiality of those who contact you
  • Maintain an up to date list of community resources
  • Be an empathetic listener but not a counsellor. Know where to refer people who require more assistance.
  • Do not condone homophobic, transphobic or heterosexist actions
  • Be willing to explain to others what the Positive Space Campaign is and consider referring others to participate.

How do I participate?

Contact the Positive Space Facilitator on your respective campus

Brockville- Jocelyn Beaudette-
Cornwall- Jennifer Bonneville-
Kingston- Cassie Richardson-

SLC Alliance Initiatives

The SLC Alliance is an educational, social, and supportive group for members of the LGBT+ community and their allies at St. Lawrence College.

We are a mix of LGBT+ community members and allies who all have a common goal of making St Lawrence College a safer place for everyone.   

We supply a safe space for students and faculty of the College to meet with other members of their community. We supply educational opportunities, social outlets, and support of the natural human need for emotional connection with others.

In conjunction with other initiatives of SLC we help to foster a more positive and welcoming atmosphere for all people who learn, live and work on our campuses.

Safe Space Recreation

Safe Space Recreation is a beginner’s recreation group. We support students and faculty who may otherwise be uncomfortable participating in physical activities by providing a safe, friendly, and protective environment. We meet once a week to play games, learn introductory fitness skills, and have fun! Everyone gets to work at their own pace and we support them every step of the way.

Pin Your Pride on Us

Pin Your Pride on Us is an initiative formed through the SLC Alliance to use pin-back buttons and other easily distributed materials (such as key chains, magnets and stickers) to make LGBTQ+ community support more visible at all times. We are currently seeking funding both privately and through grants.

Other SLC Initiatives

  • LBGTQ Rainbow Project
  • Gender Fair and LGBTQ Awareness and Support,  
  • Gender Neutral Washrooms on campus
    Brockville - Room 277 A and Room B117
    Cornwall – Rooms M1360 and A2054
    Kingston  – Rooms 11230, 02230, and 22190