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Program specific Immunization-Communicable Disease Forms are the student’s responsibility. Immunization requirements need to be complete and documentation sent to designated campus representatives prior to beginning the students’ academic career.  Instructions on how to complete the Forms and where to submit documents are provided on page one of all Immunization-Communicable Disease Forms.

To find your program: please click on the following link: program list scroll down the page to the IMMUNIZATION – COMMUNICABLE DISEASE requirement section.

Nurse(s) are available, by appointment, to review immunization records with a student. Vaccines are available at the Campus Health Centre and be administered by a nurse while physicians are on site.

Most vaccines are funded by the Ontario Public Health for domestic students. The following vaccinations have associated charges:

Hepatitis B - $40.00 / dose

Rabies - $250.00 / dose, $750.00 for complete series of 3 doses

NOTE: A waiting period of 20 minutes is required after each vaccine injection.

International students – Immunizations

You may have already received some of the required vaccines in your home country.  You MUST get this record from your home health clinic or hospital.