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At St. Lawrence College we understand Athletics and Recreation are an important element of student life. Whichever level students choose to get involved, be it Varsity, Extramural, Intramural, or Recreational sports and activities, it is well recognized that this involvement positively contributes to the overall “student experience” while attending college.
St. Lawrence College has three campuses in Brockville, Cornwall, and Kingston. Athletics & Recreation actively operates on all three campuses providing quality varsity, extramural, intramural, and recreational opportunities for all students. Athletics and Recreation receives tremendous support from the College and each Student Government body for its importance to the overall student life experience while attending college.

Brockville Campus
On our Brockville campus, varsity teams are known as The Schooners. Cross Country, Golf, Badminton, and Women’s & Men’s Indoor Soccer are offered as varsity programs. Men's Ice Hockey is offered as an extramural sport, where it competes in various tournaments throughout the school year.

Cornwall Campus
On the Cornwall campus our varsity teams are called The Sharks. Cross Country, Golf, and Women’s & Men’s Indoor Soccer are also offered in Cornwall. Women’s Hockey and Men's Hockey operates as an extramural sport, competing in various tournaments throughout the school year.

Kingston Campus
For the Kingston campus varsity teams are called The Vikings. Cross Country, Golf, Women’s Basketball, Rugby and Soccer, and Men’s Basketball, Rugby and Soccer are offered at the varsity level all competing at the OCAA level. Women’s and Men’s Volleyball is also offered as an club sport, currently participating in local adult competitive leagues.

Despite being a college with one of the fewest student populations within the OCAA, SLC is consistently competing for a Provincial and National Championship in several sports. Here is a summary of our most recent success stories:

• Cross Country – Rob Asselstine OCAA Provincial Championships Gold medallist; CCAA National Championships Gold medallist
• Golf – Vikings ranked sixth at OCAA Provincial Championships
• Men's Basketball - Fourth in OCAA
• Women’s Basketball – Fourth in OCAA
• Women's Rugby - OCAA Provincial Championships Bronze medallists
• Men's Hockey (Cornwall) - First overall in Ontario (Cornwall)
• Women’s Hockey (Cornwall) – Third in Ontario (Cornwall)
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To learn more about St. Lawrence College Athletics and Recreation please click here - About Athletics and Recreation.
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