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The Good Jobs Summit


Hosted by the St. Lawrence College Business Administration, Fast Track Students

Panel members: Hassan Yussuff, President of the Canada Labour Congress and keynote speaker for the event, Allan O’Dette, President and CEO if the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Jim Stanford, Economist with Unifor and Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO, SLC 

What: Labour Forum 2015: a comprehensive discussion on what constitutes a "good job" in today's economic market from the perspective of labour, business and education
Where: Davis Hall at SLC Kingston Campus
When: March 11, 2015 11:30-1:20

Why: We are continuing the discussion held in October 2014 in Toronto called The Good Jobs Summit.  This conference is a national dialogue between workers, students, governments, employers and community organizations, with the goal of finding solutions and new approaches to jobs and the economy.  Some of the definitions of a 'good job' include full-time, benefits, a living wage, opportunity for advancement and yet these are not among the opportunities for graduating students or even those currently looking for work.  As students about to graduate and enter into a field that involves the management of people in jobs what can we do to support these good jobs and how can we get them ourselves?

Our email address is : and follow us on Twitter @labourforum2015