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Provide outstanding campus communities, support services and engagement opportunities that enhance the success of our students.

At St. Lawrence College, we believe student success is closely linked to engagement. The “college experience” extends beyond the classroom and is enriched through all learning and living experiences students have while at the college. The level of student engagement and richness of experience can be nurtured with extracurricular activities and a positive, inclusive and dynamic environment that supports success through life balance and peer support, and fosters pride and a sense of allegiance among graduates and alumni. We are committed to supporting a successful college journey by continually assessing and advancing services with great attention to such areas as the demographics of our student population, their preparedness, physical and mental well-being, cultural needs, lifestyle, financial ability, and social and recreational interests.

Strategic Directions will be achieved as a result of pursuing multi-year and annual initiatives. Find out more about our Multi-Year Objectives.

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