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Q. Are apprentices eligible to receive a tuition refund if they withdraw from their program?

A. Apprentices can apply for a full refund of classroom fees if they are unable to complete their in-school training for reasons related to the strike. Apprentices applying for a refund must make the application to the college in writing by December 5, 2017, notifying the college of their intention to withdraw and the reasons why they are unable to complete the in-school training, which must be strike related.

Q. Some apprentices may not be able to complete their current education portion of their apprenticeship training module. What will happen to apprentices? Can you guarantee that they will get back all the classes they missed to be able to move on?

A. We expect all apprentices who were currently in or scheduled to begin the classroom portion of this module will be able to complete their modules at a later date. In addition, apprentices should connect with the college and their Employment and Training Consultant to update their files.

Q. Will students in apprenticeship programs be eligible for financial assistance through the Student Strike Relief Fund?

A. Apprentices may be eligible for the Student Relief Fund and should contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

Q. What about apprentices who are receiving OSAP?

A. Apprentices who are also receiving OSAP will be entitled to the same support as non-apprentices receiving OSAP. Click here for more information regarding changes to OSAP following the strike.