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Retirees are encouraged to share their recollections of memorable characters and events from their time at the College. If those who were here in the early days do not write down the story of our colourful past (while we can still remember it) a very important part of our history will be lost. It would be wonderful to have a substantial volume of stories to share with everyone in time for the 50th anniversary of the college system in 2017.

Enjoy the stories that you will find in the Recollections section. Feel free to elaborate on any existing stories with which you are familiar or to submit new stories of your own. These can be in draft form and you may submit them anonymously if you prefer. Please send all stories to Dick Tindal at

Adventures in the Human Studies Department

Another Convocation Adventure

Carlos Had Trouble Making the Grade

Christmases on Cornwall Campus

Close Encounters of the Cruden Kind 

Conversations with Luella

Dinner Parties in the Early Days

Do You Remember Any of the Following

Early Days at SLC

How I Joined St. Lawrence College (Dick Tindal)

Mystery of the Missing Money

OPSEU and You

Special Assignment for the President

Special Skills of Presidents

Tales of Toys and Toddlers 

The Scary Secret of David Grightmire

The Tournament That No One Wanted To Win