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Each college and university in Ontario has its own way of managing the accommodation process, including how professors are informed that a student in their course requires an accommodation. Currently, some institutions require students to have face-to-face meetings with their professors each semester to share information about their accommodation needs. 

One commonly-voiced theme that emerged from our research (details about the research are provided on the Project Page tab) was that students found the practice of being required to share accommodation documentation with their professors in a face-to-face meeting “intimidating” and a process that made them feel burdened by the social stigma of having a mental health condition. 

One of our recommendations is that academic institutions be responsible for providing accommodation information to professors and that the student should not be involved in this part of the accommodation process. Some of the videos illustrate strategies that students can use when they find themselves in face-to-face meetings with professors.

Goals for Students

Each of these eight videos describes a different aspect of the process of academic accommodation. The videos are designed to

  • Identify the complementary roles which professors, students and disability advisors play in the accommodation process.
  • Outline the type of information that needs to be provided to professors
  • Assist students to articulate their accommodation needs clearly to professors when necessary
  • Identify strategies for students to deal with situations where professors – knowingly or unknowingly - deny their academic accommodations
  • Identify those circumstances in which academic accommodations may legitimately be denied. 

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