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Established in 2009, the EnactusSLC team, formerly known as SIFE SLC, is a group of students from St. Lawrence College Kingston who create and deliver projects that reduce hunger, promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy and environmental sustainability. 

They have developed two versions of “Recipes for an Empty Wallet” and numerous videos for two target audiences; students and food bank patrons.  These cookbooks and videos are the next evolution of their work with Sandy Singers and the Partners in Mission Food Bank, in Kingston Ontario and the Food Cents SLC program, developed with Executive Chef Professor Thomas Elia.

These cookbooks and videos helps students and food bank patrons alike manage their food budgets, food assortment enabling them to cook healthy, delicious meals. 

Many people who are on a tight budget cannot afford the internet to download the cookbooks. ENACTUS is printing copies to include in food bank hampers, OSAP offices and post secondary school food banks.  You can help put these cookbooks in the kitchen of more people by donating at  You will receive a tax receipt for your donation and 100% of all proceeds will go towards Food Cents initiatives.

Download your copy: Recipes for an Empty Wallet
French - Recipes for an Empty Wallet

Twitter - @enactusslc

For more info:

Enactus GM – Victoria Stinson
Lead – Kimlee Santos
Faculty Advisor  - Pam Bovey Armstrong 613 484 9537

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