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Enhanced ASD Student Skill Acquisition Program

In partnership with Limestone District School Board, primary school students with Autism Spectrum Disorders who attend integrated or specialized school placements were be assessed and specialized programs were developed for them.  Teachers and staff were be trained in how to provide the programming and monitor progress.

This project involved 2 Faculty members, 4 placement students, 12 teachers/staff and 8 children.

The learnings from this project were be written in a report distributed to Faculty and partners and an article on the challenges and benefits for faculty of developing and implementing direct service delivery programs at the College level.

This project was highly successful and has continued each year.  A formal review of progress of children involved with the program is being conducted in 2015/16.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in-Service Training Program

In partnership with Frontenac Community Mental Health Services (now Addiction & Mental Health Services - Kingston, Frontenac Lennox & Addington), the Centre for Behavioural Studies developed and implemented a group therapy program for adults.  The project received SLC Research Ethics Board approval and was conducted by a combination of Faculty and students.  A poster was presented at ONTABA 2014 describing the project and results.

Professional Collaboration for Better Client Outcomes: Combining Speech Language & ABA Intervention for Primary School Children

In partnership with Hotel Dieu Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry team, a Communicative Disorders Assistant Program student and a Behavioural Science Program student collaborated in an inter-disciplinary placement. Three school-aged children, identified by the team’s clinical psychologist, as having significant needs in the areas of speech/language and behaviour, were seen for regular, weekly in-school intervention sessions aimed at improving identified speech-language skills and compliance. Sessions were conducted jointly by the two students under the supervision of the CDA and BSP program faculty members, as well as the team’s clinical psychologist.

Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) 

Two iterations of this program have run in partnership with Family & Children's Services of Frontenac, Lennox & Addington.  SNAP is an evidence-based program for boys with anger management problems.  The SNAP project tested and demonstrated or ability to successfully partner with Family & Children's Services to implement a twelve-week 'state of the art' evidence-based program for boys with sever behavioural challenges, their parents and siblings on a relatively small budget.  

Supervised Access & Child Abandonment

This project, conducted in partnership with Family & Children Services of Frontenac, Lennox & Addington, included a file review, analysis and research paper about the effectiveness of Supervised Access on the child parent relationship.

Feasibility Study In 2007 an environmental scan and partnership identification study was undertaken by faculty.  It identified a number of groups who were in strong need of evidence-based behavioural services in the community: children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who do not meet eligibility criteria for services; individuals with intellectual disabilities; children with sever behavioural problems and/or speech language difficulties; and, those who are economically disadvantaged or are living in smaller communities.  A focus group identified two additional target groups: children who are in the custody of Children's Aid who often experience behavioural problems in response to their experiences of abuse and trauma; and, foster parents who need assistance and training on how to effectively manage these problem behaviours in a positive manner.