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CEBRIC LogoSt. Lawrence College (SLC) is a leader and innovator in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) training and programming, and has been at the forefront of training in Behavioural Sciences since 1971. Together with our team of experienced faculty and community partners, we are uniquely equipped to mobilize our strengths to become a provincial and, ultimately, a national resource for applied research leading to new best practices, novel educational opportunities and multidisciplinary behavioural interventions benefiting everyone, including individuals, families, community based organizations, businesses, and government.

Following the completion of a feasibility research project, we launched the Centre for Behavioural Studies (CBS) in 2013 to:

  • conduct Applied Behavioural Analysis research;
  • enhance the SLC student learning experience and offer unique placement opportunities;
  • foster ties with our community to provide direct clinical intervention services; and
  • evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and services.

The Centre is a hub for researchers, teachers, students, behavioural analysts and service providers to work together to advance understanding, mobilize knowledge and implement the science of ABA in order to achieve measurable impact and positive, sustainable results.

For years, Canadian parents, practitioners, academics and teachers have talked about what’s failing in our behavioural supports system and how they want it to change. St. Lawrence College is taking action, by steadily building a pipeline of projects and partners and solidifying our reputation as a catalyst for a redefined system of behavioural education, research and intervention. While we have already made a measurable impact, we recognize that to create a model of coordinated, system-wide change that leads to positive system level change, we must scale up our efforts. Through the Centre for Behavioural Studies, we are drawing together the ABA disciplines and blending research with education and intervention to create the kind of behavioural supports and services system we want for our families, our communities and our businesses.

Research shows that people do not always follow-through on their intentions. Frequently, we experience an intention-action gap due to psychological and external factors.  ABA provides people, policy makers, businesses, and practitioners with insights into how to effect behavioural change, both at the individual level and at larger scale group or community levels. CBS provides a nucleus where experts and students in the field of Applied Behavioural Analysis can work together to advance, mobilize and implement the science of ABA.

To be a true catalyst for system-wide transformation, we are now expanding our unique synergy of education, research and intervention to include more academics, practitioners, students and clients in communities and institutions across the province and country. We are pleased to be doing this work from our new physical space located on the SLC campus in the newly renovated Newcourt House. The space will provide state of the art intervention rooms, a library and meeting rooms. Our Centre’s opening celebration will be posted on the SLC website later this summer.

In addition to activities our students, staff, and community partners participate in the annual Building Behavioural Solutions Conference. Stay tuned for more details regarding the next Building Behavioural Solutions Conference in April 2019.

Upcoming Event

PEAK Level 1 Certification Training
Two day workshop: Saturday, September 29 & Sunday, September 30
St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus
Assessment and Training for Language and Cognitive Skills of Children Diagnosed with Autism using PEAK, brought to you by PEAK ABA Solutions.
Click here to learn more and to register