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SLC-REB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

SLC-REB Review Process for Research Involving Human Participants

 Instructors Guidelines: Student Course-Based Research Projects

SLC-REB Go-No-Go Checklist

Screening Tool for Researchers: A Brief Survey to Help You Understand Whether Your Proposed Research Project Requires REB Review

Creating an Informed Consent Form Guide (Generic)

Checklist for Questionnaires

SLC-REB Telephone Contact Form

REC-P Process for Review: Guidelines for Research Ethics for Behavioural Psychology Thesis Projects

REC-P Guidelines for Creating an Informed Consent Document


Following Approval

During the course of research, a researcher may encounter situations that will alter their project’s goals or objectives. It is the responsibility of the researcher to notify the REB if circumstances require the researcher to amend, or change, the approved application by submitting the  SLC-REB Request for Amendment Form.

REB approvals are valid for one year. It is expected researchers will have completed data collection within this period. For projects continuing to require REB approval, the SLC-REB Request for Renewal Form should be used to request an extension.

Upon completion of the project, a SLC-REB Completion/Termination of Project Form is to be submitted to the Research Department. A copy of this form is included with your REB approval, and is also available online through the Research Department’s website.

*REC-P students (only) - Project Completion/Termination/Abandoned Form