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St. Lawrence College (SLC) is committed to supporting the responsible conduct of research through the promotion of ethics training, safe practices, collaboration, and a respectful research environment.

The St. Lawrence College Research Ethics Board (SLC-REB) includes SLC faculty and community members who ensure that proposals for research involving humans participants meet the standards set forth by the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS).

Research Involving Participants

All research involving participants conducted under the auspices of St. Lawrence College must comply at minimum with the St. Lawrence College Research Ethics Board Policy: Ethical Research Involving Human Participants, which states: research proposals involving faculty, students or SLC resources must be reviewed and cleared by the SLC-REB.

External Researchers

SLC-REB clearance is required by external researchers who plan to conduct research using college resources or any faculty, staff or student at any of the SLC campuses. Department approval will also be required. Go to the SLC webpage Key Staff Contacts to find a champion for your research project. If you want to put up recruitment posters to recruit students you will be required to obtain Student Association approval of your posters from each campus' Student Association.

Examples of Recently Approved Projects:

• Assessing and Addressing Awareness of First Nations, Métis and Inuit People in first and final year students at St Lawrence College
• Spine Stiffness in Sedentary Workers and the Modulating Effect of Age
• Addressing Reading Disorders by Altering Brain Circuitry: A Study Testing the Cellfield Remediation Program
• Staff Satisfaction with a New Clinical Instructor Orientation Manual
• Can an Innovative Placement Model Better Prepare BScN Students in Meeting the Entry-to-Practice Public Health Nursing Competencies for Undergraduate Nursing Education?
• Perceived Effectiveness of Strategies Employed by Ontario Community Colleges to Promote Academic Integrity
• Students’ Perception of Flu Immunization
• Horizontal Violence and the Student Nurse
• National College Health Assessment 2016 – Survey Completion
• Eyewitness Testimony: Assessing the Knowledge and Beliefs of Police Officers in Training
• Cook & Share: A Project to Evaluate the Effects of Quality Nutrition on College Students’ Wellness

St. Lawrence College Research Ethics Board (SLC-REB)

Applications submitted by internal and external researchers are received by the Research Services Office ( Applications are reviewed according to the current edition of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS), Canadian regulations, and industry best practices. Full board reviews are conducted on a monthly basis. For more information contact: SLC-REB at or call 613-544-5400, ext. 1621.

Research Ethics Committee: Applied Psychology (REC-P)

The REC-P is a sub-committee of the SLC-REB with delegated authority to review minimal risk, student thesis research projects in the Bachelor's Degree Program in Behavioral Psychology. The REC-P is convened through the months of September and October and meets weekly as needed. For more information contact: Professor Marie-Line Jobin, Behavioral Psychology, Applied Thesis Coordinator and REC-P Chair. REC-P forms and guidance documents can be found at SLC-REB Policies and Forms and SLC-REB Guidelines and Approval

Acknowledgment of Course-based Research(ACBR)

Faculty or students wishing to engage participants in the collection of data for course-based research projects are asked to contact . The ACBR PDF fillable form and other supporting documents can be found at SLC-REB Policies and Forms and SLC-REB Guidelines and Approval.

SLC-REB Membership:

J. Morris-Pocock (CHAIR), Ph.D.
Professor, Collaborative BScN., School of Health Sciences, Brockville/Kingston

L. Culleton, BA, RECE
Coordinator, Early Childhood Education, Cornwall

R. Dogra, LL.B, PhD
Professor, Economics, Kingston

L. Inbar, BA (Hons.), MA, JD
Barrister & Solicitor, Community Member

M-L. Jobin, MPs. C. Psych Assoc.
Professor, Bachelor Program in Behavioural Psychology, Kingston

M. Othman, MD, Ph.D.
Professor, Collaborative BScN., School of Health Sciences, Kingston

A. Ruskin, RGD, BFA, B.DES, M.DES
Professor, Graphic Design, Kingston

Matthew Varrette, BSC, BSW, MSW, RSW 
Social Worker, Community Member, Cornwall

Contact Us:

For applications, guidance and assistance, please contact the Research Services Office:

St. Lawrence College Research Ethics Board,
Applied Research Department
St. Lawrence College
Room 00462, 100 Portsmouth Ave
Kingston, ON. K7L 5A6
613-544-5400, ext. 1621